Search Engine Optimisation

Our sole purpose is to help you, no matter what the size of your business is or the idea behind the construction of your site.

Our search engine optimization strategy is designed to increase the overall traffic to your website.

Our process involves the following crucial steps:

  • Proper naming structure
  • The page titles with your keywords(if possible)
  • Always have a sitemap
  • Always include a robots.txt file
  • While usinga re-direct, it’s should be server side, not with a meta refresh tag
  • Dont use hidden text
  • keyword phrase should be in H1 tags
  • Don’t optimize for more than 2 keywords per page
  • Use text links where possible
  • In any product image, be sure to use the alt tag
  • Use hyphens, not underscores when you name a page file
  • Make sure your site has an error handling page
  • Create a Google Sitemap and submit it to them (This is in addition to a typical sitemap)
  • Offload all your js and css code